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5 Best Headphone Stands in 2020 under $25

You have your headphones. You have your spotify subscription. You have your computer. When you put these together, the can help you to drown some of background noise and madness going on at home. But as your wrap up your day, you toss your headphones onto your messy desk. And over time, your headphone cords […]


9 Best Laptop Stands in 2020 Under $50

I love my laptop. I’m constantly on the go, so my mobile laptop gives the convenience I need to get my work done. However, laptops are smaller than desktop computers, which can sometimes be problematic. The last thing you want to do is hunch over your laptop screen to get your work done. That is […]

Work from home fail

The Ultimate Kit for Working from Home with Children

34 million. That is how many views the “Children interrupt BBC News Interview” video from 2017 has received over the years. It is pure internet goodness. And now, with millions of parents suddenly starting to work from home, you probably feel his pain. Chances are, your kids are knocking on your door while you work. […]

anti-fatigue comfort mat for standing desk

Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Standing Desks

If you are new to working from, we’d like to welcome you aboard. Times-a-changing. But hopefully for the better.  We have been working from for the past 5 years and one of the best decisions was purchasing a standing desk. A standing desk is great for keeping you active, Science says that standing while working […]


Awesome Home Offices from 10 Remote-First Employees

I remember my very first job out of college. They walked me over to a dark gray 6×6 cubicle. There was an squeaky, rattling office chair along side an L-shaped desk with more gray drawers. I looked around and next to my desk were 10 others just like it. There are a lot of great […]


The 34 Best Home Office Tools for Remote Workers

Remote work benefits are obvious. Improved productivity, lower stress, greater work-life balance, and the shortest commute you have ever had. But to take advantage, you need a set of tools, apps and equipment to get you ready for remote work life. Check out your essential list of tools.

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